28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

The Tone It Up girls are some of my favorite Instagram stars.  They are definitely on my list of girl crushes.  Besides their fun personalities and beautiful bods, they provide some of the best exercise content I’ve come across.  

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I first fell in love with Karena and Katrina when I bought their 28 Days to Fit, Fierce and Fabulous.  I used the book for their Booty Calls and the workouts.  I’ve also used their awesome YouTube channel to supplement other workout programs or just to fit in a quick, but challenging workout.  

Despite my love for them and their book, I was never able to really commit to the program as much as I wanted. Since then, I am already in the middle of another program or time doesn’t allow me for do this program or their popular Bikini Series.  

But last week, I got an email about their Summer Tone Up program beginning today.  And it just so worked out that I am finishing my current program (Anna Victoria’s FBG 2.1) this week.  So finally, a chance to follow through with a Tone It Up program.

I love this program so much already because it forced me to do a fitness test to see where I was prior to starting the program.  It tracked my resting heart rate and active heart rate.  Between the two, the program timed me on the number of push-ups, sit-ups, squat jumps, and burpees I could do in one minute.  Finally, it had me measure myself around my torso, hips, neck, abs, thighs, arms, waist and calves to see how many inches I will lose over the program. 

Over the next four weeks, I will provide you an update with my progress, my thoughts about the program, and tips and tricks to making it work for you.  I want you to keep me accountable so below are all my stats starting out and my goals for the program.  

Stat Start
Weight 184
Push-ups (per minute) 27
Sit-ups (per minute) 20
Jump Squats (per minute) 30
Burpees (per minute) 15
Plank (how long held) 62 seconds

But before I get started, let’s set out some goals:

  • Lose at least one inch and 3 pounds during the four weeks.
  • Stick to the workout plan.
  • Only have one cheat meal a week.  
  • Increase burpees per minute by 5.
  • Increase push-ups per minute by 3.

If you are doing the program too, let me know!  If you aren’t, you should start by signing up here

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