Five days vacation in Las Vegas. With two 9 year old girls. Yup. That just happened.

The reason for this trip was my daughter’s cheerleading team received a bid to the national cheerleading competition. Which happened to be in Vegas.  Awesome.

Once we knew for sure her team was going, we decided to make it our family vacation for the year.  This was not how I pictured going to Las Vegas as a grown up, but hey.  Why not?

Planning the Vacation

But deciding to go to Vegas with kids brings up a lot of questions.  What hotels are “kid-friendly”?  What is there to do for kids?  How do we keep them away from the debauchery?  How f-ing hot is it going to be? (Just so you know, it averaged 107 degrees.)

Neither Chris nor I had been to Vegas as grown ups.  I went with my family when I was about 13 so I was somewhat familiar with it.  Chris was there for about 4 hours for work.  But otherwise than that and the stories told by friends, we didn’t know much about going there.

To prepare us, I researched different activities  and spoke to several people who had taken their children there.  I went as a kid (14 years old) so I was vaguely familiar with it.  As I began to collect ideas and advice, I pinned them to my Pinterest board or wrote them down.  I also made a spreadsheet to organize how much things costs, where they were, and what all they entailed. I was armed with the right information to create a solid itinerary to maximize our time and minimize our spending. The planner in me was ready to tackle this beast.

But, much to my dismay, my “go with the flow” husband had no intention of creating such an itinerary. “We’ll just play it by ear,” he said. Those words make me shutter just typing them.

So onto Las Vegas we went. We knew were we were staying, but that was about it. But, as it typically always does, it all turned out alright.  The girls enjoyed themselves and were exposed to cultures and sights not normally seen in their day-to-day small town Indiana life.

As for Chris and I, we are glad to be home.

Learn from Us

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you what we learned about 5 days with 9 year olds in Las Vegas.  Be prepared to find out why you shouldn’t stay at a kid-friendly hotel, why those who say Las Vegas is cheap never went with kids, and the girls favorite (and least favorite) things about the trip.  I hope this series will help you if should ever find yourself planning a family vacation in Las Vegas.