This past week was my last week to really focus on Tone It Up and my workouts.  Today, I started my last year of law school.  Which means all normal workout schedules get thrown out the window.  So I made sure I enjoyed this last week of freedom.

Brief Overview of My Workouts

Cardio dominated the workout plans this week.  Which was helpful to me because my evenings were pretty full.  I use my lunches to get most of my cardio in.

One thing I am really proud of this week is I did the toning moves almost every single day!  The toning moves included so many plank-type moves.  For this reason, I didn’t do all of them a couple of days.  It’s not that I dislike planks, but my wrists are weak due to carpel tunnel.  So these are pretty tough for me to do for long periods of time.

Tuesday’s main Tone It Up workout was a barre routine.  The TIU girls previously completed it live so I was doing the playback.  It was definitely a tough routine, but not quite as tough as the Pure Barre class I did a few weeks ago.  These types of workouts push me as they are much different from what I’m used to.  Additionally, I completed ALL the toning moves. I know, right?  After I complain about them all the time, look at me actually doing them.

To get cardio in on Wednesday, I turned to my favorite PopSugar workout.  I LOVE this workout.  First of all, I love boxing.  Secondly, it’s such a great combination of exercises that I feel like I actually did something.  If you’ve never tuned into the PopSugar workouts on YouTube, get to it.  Afterwards, I did the toning moves again!  Not all of them due to the plank/wrist situation, but still a good portion.

My workouts Thursday made me super proud of myself.  Surprisingly, I got up before work and did the Totally Toned video.  Waking up at 5am to workout is so hard for me.  However, this day I was awake so I just decided to get that workout done!  At lunch, I walked 3 miles total to get my books for class next week (still didn’t get them.  Apparently, pick up in store means you can’t have them until we’ve processed them even though they are sitting on the shelf staring at you.  Sorry.  Rant over) so that took care of my cardio.  Therefore, I actually got to go straight home and just hang out, watch some Game of Thrones, and chill.

Pros and Cons to the Workouts

I really enjoyed the workouts this week, especially the toning moves.  My only real complaint was the amount of moves involving planks.  In my opinion, planks are much harder than most other moves.  I always try my best to complete them.  Ultimately, I end up giving up that much pressure on my wrists.

Update to My Stats

I love that there is continuous improvement.  Surprisingly, there isn’t make improvement in my weight.  I’m hovering around 185.  Of course, it doesn’t help that my weekend meals haven’t been great.  Most people can do the 80/20 diet, where you eat clean and healthy 80% of the time.  I can’t.  Unfortunately, more than one cheat meal a week causes me to gain a couple pounds.  It’s awful.  So I don’t based my progress on my weight.

Stat Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Weight 184 185.6 185.6 183.6 185.2
Push-ups (per minute) 27 35 37 39 44 44
Sit-ups (per minute) 20 20 22 24 28 24
Jump Squats (per minute) 30 33 35 41 44 45
Burpees (per minute) 15 15 18 20 21 23
Plank (how long held) 62 seconds 70 seconds 77 seconds 83 seconds 80 seconds 87 seconds

Looking forward to Week #6

Well, law school is back in full swing so my workout schedule becomes a little different.  Luckily, it’s only three days a week, but my weekends will be filled with studying.  Also, I need to figure out how to fit in marathon training.  Ugh.  So much to do with zero amount of time.