I thanked Jillian Michaels for helping me live a healthy lifestyle…and she yelled at me for it!

Struggling with one’s weight is something so many people go through.  I’ve worked on being a healthy weight for as long as I can remember.  But it wasn’t until a tiny, pitbull of a trainer showed me it was actually possible to make that happen.  So today on my 36th Continue Reading

Tone It Up’s Summer Tone Up Week #6 – It’s really all about what you eat

Well, here is is.  My sixth week following the Tone It Up Summer Tone Up daily workout routine.  This workout series made me realize (and accept) the most important thing about weight loss.  It’s not what you do, it’s what you eat. Brief Overview of My Workouts This week I Continue Reading

Tone It Up Summer Tone Up Week #4 – Two Races in One Day and the Tone It Up Tour

I love to run.  Coincidentally, that love may have caused my Tone It Up workouts to suffer a little bit this week.  However, it still was a great week. Brief Overview of Week 3 This wasn’t my best week.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday rocked.  I completed the HIIT workout, Sandy Continue Reading