Tone It Up Week 3

Ah.  Post-vacation workouts were TOUGH.  But I’m so glad to be back to a normal schedule.

Brief Overview of My Workouts

Monday, we traveled back from Las Vegas.  As a result, we were exhausted and no workout happened.   Oh well.  Nevertheless, I picked it back up on Tuesday morning by doing the live workout with Katrina and Karena.  The live workouts are probably my favorite part of the Summer Tone Up.

Wednesday’s daily workout was a yoga routine.  I’m going to apologize to all those yogis out there.  Yoga just isn’t my jam.  I know it is a good workout and it has many benefits.  But I just can’t do it.  Rather than completing the yoga routine, I did the Rev Up and Rock Out workout from Tone It Up’s 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous book.  If you don’t have this book, I definitely recommend it.  It is a 28 day program that provides daily workouts, recipes and general life and fitness tips.  It’s my go-to when my scheduled workouts just aren’t hitting the spot.

28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

K & K held another live workout Thursday morning, but I missed it since I was at work.  However, Instagram allows one to watch previous live videos.  Therefore, I still viewed the workout despite it not being live!  I attempted the toning moves after the video, but in all honesty, many of the moves were repetitive of what we did in the video.

Our Indiana weather was beautiful on Friday so I took the opportunity to run outside for my 30 minutes cardio.  I love running outside!  Even in the winter, running outside is always the best.  Once I came home, I finished the toning video scheduled for the day.

Of course, Saturday and Sunday turned out quite differently than I expected.  In summary, I missed my workouts.  With perfect weather, we drove to one of my favorite wineries to enjoy the day (and the wine).  Then we decided to visit Sun King Tasting Room in Fishers to kill some time before dinner.  Of course, we needed to get chips, salsa, and cheese from Tijuana Flats next door.   Following this, we tried out a new restaurant, the District Tap.  Delicious.  The adventures of the day ruined my diet, but eh.  Sometimes, you have to live a little.

Mallow Run Sun King District Tap

Pros and Cons of the Workouts

My favorite part of the programs continues to be the live workouts.  I enjoy live workouts with trainers in general.  What’s special about Karena and Katrina is they just don’t take themselves too seriously.  It creates a great atmosphere for working out.

As I stated in my previous post, the flexibility of the program rocks.  Being able to choose when and where I finish the workouts allows me to incorporate them where they fit in my schedule.  The only exception to that is the live workouts, but even then, I access those later in the day.

My biggest con will continue to be the toning moves.  They just seem repetitive to the daily workouts.  And maybe that is the point, but I just wish they were incorporated into the daily workouts.  But once again, this con is mostly mental for me.  Once the daily workout is done, I’m mentally as well.

The yoga workouts continue to be a con for me.  Not because they aren’t great workouts, but because I just don’t like yoga.  It’s a personal preference.  Nevertheless, I will continue to try enjoying them (just may take me a while).

Updates to My Stats

Our vacation includes several unhealthy (but delicious) meals and cocktails. Surprisingly, my weight stayed the same over the time we were on vacation.  Typically, a week of poor eating equals several pounds gained so I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Additionally, I saw I saw was an increase in my stamina for the fitness test.  I noticed it also in my run on Friday.  Physically, I’ve noticed my arm and leg muscles are more defined.  Particularly, the bat-wing flab (sorry, no other way to describe it) under my arms is almost non-existence.


Stat Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Weight 184 185.6 185.6 183.6
Push-ups (per minute) 27 35 37  39
Sit-ups (per minute) 20 20 22  24
Jump Squats (per minute) 30 33 35  41
Burpees (per minute) 15 18 19  20
Plank (how long held) 62 seconds 70 seconds 77 seconds 83 seconds

Looking Forward to Week #4

This week’s workout schedule includes several of my favorite Tone It Up workouts.  Unfortunately, the cardio must be sacrificed this week.  Not because I don’t want to, but because I’m going to attempt to do two 5K runs on Saturday.  For this reason, I’m avoiding extra cardio for the sake of my legs.

Last year, a sorority sister lost her husband due to a logging accident at his work.  For this reason, there is a memorial 5k to honor him and raise money for the Moyer Foundation.  While the run is about an hours drive, I want to be there for her and her family.

Also that day is my favorite race of the year, Red, White, and Rose run.  The run starts and ends at Buck Creek Winery.  Afterward, runners receive a wine glass to keep and receive one full glass of Buck Creek Wine.  There is also music and food trucks for the runners and the non-runners.  My husband and our girls come with me and enjoy the festivities while I run.  Hopefully, the weather cooperates and it is a beautiful day for both races.