This week was a challenge. We spent most of last week on vacation in Las Vegas. So naturally, this presented somewhat of a hiccup in my work out plans. However, I was determined to make it work!

Brief Overview of My Week

I started the week out by running the 5k I missed from Sunday. I also completed the Sandy Sweat HIIT and Katrina’s arm workout. Needless to say, Monday was a tiring day.

But Tuesday was kind of exciting.  I don’t know about where you are from, but Pure Barre studios are popping up everywhere in central Indiana. One of my favorite wineries, Mallow Run, started hosting a Pure Barre class one Tuesday every month. The night before we left for vacation, I finally got to try it out.

And wow. Pure Barre is HARD! I had no idea how hard it was going to be. It’s low intensity, low impact movements which could not be more different from the high intensity and high impact workouts that I normally do.  But I really did enjoy myself and definitely will do it again.

Wednesday, we left our house at 5:00 am EST to start our journey west. By the time we arrived at our hotel, Circus Circus, it was twelve hours later. Tired from the trip, we just decided to rest in the room and I did not work out that day.

But I was determined to get back at it on Thursday. Since I woke up at 5:00 am (time change sucks) on Thursday morning, I was excited to go check out the hotel weight room. Well, after walking through a maze of slot machines, I finally found it. It had 4 treadmills, two ellipticals, two bicycles, about 4 weight machines and free weights with none lighter than 20 pounds.

I hop on the treadmill because I need to get my 30 minutes cardio in. Well, this treadmill would not go faster than .5 mph. Two others were already in use and one was out-of-order. So I decided to try to the elliptical. Not my favorite, but what else could I do? I did that for about 15 minutes.  Bored, I decided to get on the open treadmill.  But it refused to stay a consistent pace. (NOTE: Stay tuned for future posts on why you shouldn’t pick this hotel if you go to Las Vegas.  There are many more reasons than just a horrible exercise room.)

I gave up and just went back to the room and did a quick HIIT workout of burpees, squats, and push-ups. Luckily that day, we walked about 5 miles along the strip so I felt okay about not getting my full workout in.

Friday, I decided to do the TIU HIIT workout and the toning moves right in my room. I didn’t have weights so I made do with Addie’s backpack loaded up with everything heavy we could find. Despite the less than perfect workout conditions, TIU workouts are set up to be able to do anywhere.

My workout space.  Just some water, a towel, my phone and a heavy bag as a weight is all I needed.

Saturday was a rest day and Sunday I just completed a 25 minutes elliptical workout and about 10 minute arm workout.

I really tried to stick with TIU while I was there, but my lack of good cardio equipment and free weights made it difficult.  Next time we book a hotel room, I will do more research on the hotel’s exercise room.

On the eating side, I would like to tell you I made wise choices the whole time. But that would be a lie. I tried to have a good breakfast everyday, but lunch and dinner just didn’t happen. Actually, the smartest food choice I made all week was at McDonald’s when I got a salad. Kind of sad.

Pros and Cons of the Program – Week #2

I don’t really have any cons this week that are related to the Summer Tone Up. All my cons are how horrible the exercise room was at Circus Circus (stay tuned for a full review).

The TIU workouts are so easy to do when you are away from your normal workout space.  The biggest issue I had while working out was a lack of suitable weights, but I made do.  That’s just another reason I love TIU.

Updates to my stats

Well, I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t expect there to be any improvement in my stats. While I was able to stay active, I totally indulged in my eating and drinking.  Surprisingly enough, there was some improvement.  I even stayed the same weight which is absolutely amazing.

But as you can see, I did gain some weight between the start of the program and the end of week #1.  My weight fluctuates so greatly that I try not to judge my progress by my weight.  But is still is always nice to see that number go down.

Stat Start Week 1 Week 2
Weight 184 185.6 185.6
Push-ups (per minute) 27 35 37
Sit-ups (per minute) 20 20 22
Jump Squats (per minute) 30 33 35
Burpees (per minute) 15 18 19
Plank (how long held) 62 seconds 70 seconds 77 seconds

Looking forward to Week #3

Since I’m posting this on Tuesday, week #3 has already started. I’m trying to detox from vacation by drinking a lot of water and eating as cleanly as possible. With no plans coming up and school starting in 3 weeks, I need to use this time to really focus on my health and fitness.  Here is to getting back on track!

Check out my Instagram (@beyondthecubicleblog) for workout updates.  If you are doing the program as well, send me a note and let me know how you are doing!

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  1. I’m sorry your hotel was bad, but congrats on still working out & increasing your per minute reps! I’m excited to read about your Las Vegas trip, we’re thinking of going later this year.

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