I love to run.  Coincidentally, that love may have caused my Tone It Up workouts to suffer a little bit this week.  However, it still was a great week.

Brief Overview of Week 3

This wasn’t my best week.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday rocked.  I completed the HIIT workout, Sandy Sweaty HIIT on Monday.  This really is a great workout and is available on their YouTube channel. Following the workout, I ran about a quarter-mile down to the neighbor’s house where the wine club ladies were hanging out.  Surprisingly, I did not partake in the wine drinking.

The workouts for Tuesday and Wednesday included the TIU girls’ husbands.  Each of the workouts included their husbands in one way or the other.  Tuesday’s workout was a live workout.  However, I had to catch the follow-up.   This workout included both Katrina and Karena’s husbands.  Wednesday’s workout also included Karena’s husband.  It’s fun when they include their husbands in the workouts.  Surprisingly, the husbands have a hard time with the workouts.  I constantly badger my husband to workout with me, but he isn’t interested (because I would so show him up!).

Tuesday also required 30 minutes of cardio.  Therefore, I decided to run one of my favorite routes through Indianapolis.  This route runs along the canal and White River by the IUPUI campus.  Eventually, you end up right behind the Indianapolis Zoo.  There is a pedestrian path that runs behind the zoo along the river.  Along with being a fun route to run, it also provides beautiful scenes of the city.

zoo pathindy skyline








On Thursday and Friday, I totally failed to follow the program.  Despite having every intention of working out on Thursday, it didn’t happen.  At the time, I was focused on getting my Las Vegas blog post up.  By the time I was done, it was late in the evening and my husband “forced” me to go get Mexican food. Of course, this was a great way to ruin all my hard work, but meh.  Sometimes, you just need some chips and queso.

I did something Saturday that I’ve never done by completing two 5k races in one day.  The first one, the Lumberjack Dash, was in honor of my sorority sister’s husband who was killed during a work accident last year.  The race was an hour away and really early in the morning, but it was so worth it to hug Amy and see some of my sisters.  I ended up walking half and running half to preserve my energy for the evening race.

The next race wasn’t until 6pm so I had some time to rest.  This race was part of the Red, White, and Rose 5k and 10k run series held at wineries around central Indiana.  Coincidentally, you receive an actual glass wine glass that you can fill with one free glass of wine after you complete the race.  Entertainment and food trucks are available so it’s a great tie for the runners and families.  Of course, my husband and daughters love to come along.

Despite having the race earlier in the day, the evening race turned out to be one of my best in a while.  I ran much harder than normal and ended up with really great split times.  For this reason, my legs were jelly once I finally sat down.  Totally worth it though.







Today, we went to the Indiana State Fair and ended up walking about 4 miles.  Consequently, we were exhausted when we got home and no workout was done.  However, I did something else super, duper exciting. I signed up for the Tone It Up Tour in Nashville, TN!  Of course, I am so pumped for this because I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it.  Luckily, I talked my sister into going with me.  AND, I bought the VIP tickets so I’m going to meet Karena and Katrina!  I.Can’t.Wait!

Pros and Cons of the Workouts

Actually, I don’t really have any cons this week.  Of course, there were yoga workouts which I will always likely consider a con.  As I mentioned before, I’m just not a fan of yoga.

One major pro is the girls added two weeks onto the workout program.  As a result, I’ve extended my original goals to when the program is over.  My only concern is that I start back at school next week so it will be hard to keep up with this once that happens.

Updates to My Stats

Each week, I keep improving on my stats.  Not sure if it because I push myself to beat the numbers from the week before or if I’m improving.  I think it’s a win either way.  My weigh-in day is on Tuesday, but I can’t imagine there is much change (especially after the state fair indulgence on Sunday).

This part of the program is really helpful.  I always set goals and take before/after photos, but rarely do I target specific fitness moves.  This information is super helpful and challenging all at the same time.

Stat Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Weight 184 185.6 185.6 183.6
Push-ups (per minute) 27 35 37  39  44
Sit-ups (per minute) 20 20 22  24 28
Jump Squats (per minute) 30 33 35  41  44
Burpees (per minute) 15 15 18  20  21
Plank (how long held) 62 seconds 70 seconds 77 seconds  83 seconds  83 seconds

Looking forward to Week #5

This week, I begin full on half marathon training.  Ugh.  Why did I sign up for this?  The goal is to run 3 times this week for a total of 8 miles.  This week is really busy and my last week before I head back to school.  Hopefully, I finish everything.  Wish me luck!