Well, here is is.  My sixth week following the Tone It Up Summer Tone Up daily workout routine.  This workout series made me realize (and accept) the most important thing about weight loss.  It’s not what you do, it’s what you eat.

Brief Overview of My Workouts

This week I went back to law school for my final year.  Because I work full time, all my classes are in the evening.  So I work all day and then head to class on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays until about 8pm.  Needless to say, that leaves little time to workout during the week.

However, I really impressed myself this week.  I got up before work every day this week to workout.  Monday, I completed TIU Flex Friday Arm Workout.  Tuesday and Wednesday , I completed the toning moves.

Chris’s grandfather passed away on Monday so his showing and funeral changed our plans for later in the week.  We took Thursday and Friday off.  Surprisingly, I squeezed in some time to visit a friend and her new baby.  However, our family obligations only allowed me to get a short run in on Friday (which was an awful run).  Finally, Sunday was perfect and gave me an opportunity to get a good run in (which I did so that made up for Friday).

Overall Review of Summer Tone Up

After six weeks of exclusive Tone It Up workouts, I can say I’m still in love with the Tone It Up program and girls.  Overall, the program provided great workouts for all different areas.  The Tone It Up girls are fun and energetic and make you excited for the workouts.  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone.

My favorite thing about the program was the live workouts.  They were super fun, but still tough.  Additionally, the times of the workouts mostly agreed with my schedule.  Also, I appreciate the weekly line up of workouts provided at the beginning of each week.  It really helped me plan my week (especially once school started).

My least favorite thing was the number of yoga workouts.  As I’ve mentioned before, I personally don’t enjoy yoga workouts.  I’m just not patient enough with my workouts to really understand or appreciate the benefits.  Because I struggle with my wrists, I would have appreciate less plank-type exercises or at least an alternative to those.

But the number one thing I’ve learned is no matter how much you work out, it all goes away if you eat like crap.  I think my eating is what ruined my chances for meeting my goals.  It’s a contact problem I have, one of which I just can’t seem to break free.  This past week really made me realize that if I am ever going to reach my goals, then I need to take control of my eating (and maybe also get my husband on board).

Things to know about doing a TIU workout program

Here a just a few tips I’ll give anyone interested in trying TIU.

  • You really have no excuses.  Their workouts don’t require a ton of equipment and can be done almost everyone.  So check your excuses at the door.
  • You definitely need to pay attention to nutrition.  The workouts are great, but they are short so not necessarily high calorie burners.  To really see a difference in your body, you need to make sure you eating is clean and on-point (this was something I failed at, which is always my problem).
  • Don’t expect heavy weight lifting.  Yes, you use weights and the workouts make your muscles burn.  However, if you are more interested in heavier weight lifting  and using barbells, this isn’t your workout.  The main focus of TIU is to use lower weights at higher reps to provide toning, not muscle building.
  • Don’t take yourself seriously.  Karena and Katrina definitely don’t take themselves seriously so you shouldn’t either.  The point is to enjoy yourself while getting a great workout.
  • Use protein shakes as a post-workout treat.  If you aren’t into protein shakes, I recommend giving the Tone It Up Protein a chance.  I’ve tried a couple different kinds and this one is my favorite.  It may not be the best, but it definitely is the best tasting I’ve had.  Additionally, it goes great in baked goods and, my personal favorite, pancakes.

My Progress over Six Weeks

I set out this Summer Tone Up with five goals in mind:

  • Lose at least one inch and 3 pounds during the four weeks.
  • Stick to the workout plan.
  • Only have one cheat meal a week.
  • Increase burpees per minute by 5.
  • Increase push-ups per minute by 3.

Well, I wish I could say I met all my goals, but that would be a lie.  As you can see below, I definitely increased both the number of push-ups and burpees I could do in a minute.  Of course, I really pushed myself to make sure that I increased these numbers each week.  However, I did not expect to be able to do 52 push-ups in one minute.  My increased endurance for HIIT workouts really impressed me.

I did a fairly good job at sticking to the workout plan.  It was pretty easy to do so.  The only time I really skipped over a workout was when it was a yoga workout.  However, I think I’m going to give yoga another try sometime soon.

As I mentioned earlier, I failed the most with my eating.  I am solid Monday through Friday at lunch.  Even Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch are typically pretty healthy.  However, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights just destroy me.  This is mostly because I give into my husband’s desire to eat what I call crap food (definition: unhealthy food that does nothing for your nutritionally, but damn, it tastes good).   We eat wings and nachos about once every weekend.  I know I can say no, but that’s a lot harder than you think.  Staying on track is super hard when those around you aren’t focusing on their health as well.  So easy just to give it up.

Stat Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Weight 184 185.6 185.6 183.6 185.2 183.2  185.4
Push-ups (per minute) 27 35 37 39 44 44 52
Sit-ups (per minute) 20 20 22 24 28 24 25
Jump Squats (per minute) 30 33 35 41 44 45 49
Burpees (per minute) 15 15 18 20 21 23 25
Plank (how long held) 62 seconds 70 seconds 77 seconds 83 seconds 80 seconds 87 seconds 92 seconds

What’s Next

I find myself in a place without a specific workout program.  A few weeks ago, I thought about signing up for Shift Shop by Beachbody.  I would still love to do it, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much money.  So, I’ve decided to redo Fit Body Guides 2.1 by Anna Victoria.  I really enjoyed it the first time I completed it.  It provides a lot of barbell work (which I love).  I plan to supplement it with half-marathon training (9 more weeks!) and TIU and PopSugar workouts.

More importantly, I’m going to really focus on eating healthier and cleaner.  I declared to my husband that we are limiting ourselves to one cheat meal a week.  No more of cheat meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I’m over it.  Time to take charge of my eating and quit shoving crap food into my mouth every chance I get.  I might need to hire someone to tackle me every time I get weak in the knees for some bad food.

Oh!  And my sister and I will be attending the TIU Tour in Nashville where I will get to meet Karena and Katrina!  I am so excited for that.

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