As we near Father’s Day, let me tell you a little story.

Social media tricks us all into believing every woman is a crafting/do-it-yourself genius.  It’s just part of being a woman, right? (Yes, I’m stereotyping.  Move on.)  So when I became a stepmother, I thought I’d up my craft game and start doing them with the girls to give as gifts.  It’s what moms do, right?

So I determined that every holiday (particularly Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day), my husband would receive a magical homemade gift from the girls and me.

As I planned for this majestic craft, I scoured Pinterest for ideas (what in the world did we do before Pinterest?).  The girls and I searched every inch of Pinterest to find the coolest (and easiest) craft to make for Daddy.

Sometimes, it turned out awesome, like this:


But most of the time, they turned out like this one:


#Pinterestfail.  There are several more, but I’ll save myself the humiliation.

After the last fail, my husband graciously said to me, “Babe.  I love the gifts, but it just isn’t your thing and that’s ok.  So I understand if don’t want to do it anymore.”  Other women might be offended.  I, on the other hand, was completely relieved.

I have a confession:  Hi, my name is Amy and I hate doing crafts and do-it-yourself projects.

WHAT?  A woman who hates to do crafts?

Maybe hate is a little strong.  I seriously don’t like them.

Don’t take me the wrong way.  If you love to spend your days doing DIY projects or creating crafts with your kiddos, that is awesome.  I’m definitely not knocking anyone who is creative (or patient) enough to create something fun and unique.  Actually, seeing what others create is amazing because I just don’t get how they do it.

In all honesty, I love the idea of do-it-yourself.  Creating something with my hands to decorate my home or whatever sounds wonderful.  And Pinterest makes one believe any craft is possible.  There are so many great blogs out there that are always posting do-it-yourself articles.  I want to be that girl.

But, alas.  I am not.

Every time I think I’m up to the challenge, the good Lord quickly reminds me that the skill of creation was not bestowed upon me.  I’m typically elbows deep in Elmer Glue and glitter before I realize that whatever gift I’m attempting can be purchased for half the price, three times the quality and 10 times less the  mess somewhere else like Etsy.

And being creative takes time.  As mentioned in my previous post, I’m basically the Flash, I like to get things done quickly.  Well, quick doesn’t really work in the do-it-yourself realm.  Quick gets your products like that salt dough heart up there.

Maybe some women just aren’t born with the DIY gene.  Maybe they are meant to support other creative women by buying their handmade goods.  Maybe that is why Etsy is successful.

So to all those women out there that secretly hate (or just can’t do) the DIY projects, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay.  You no longer have to pretend that you enjoy spending your Saturday afternoons painting or creating the latest Pinterest craze.  Let’s unite to use that time and money we are saving to support all the true DIYers and creative people out there.   Let those who are makers do the making and let those that aren’t do the buying.  It’s really a win-win.

12 thoughts on “Why I'll choose Etsy over Do-It-Yourself any day.”

  1. Diy is not for everyone but it’s ok indeed. I’m sure you have many other talents that amazes people. As a diyer i can say that it took me years to perfect my skills and i so understand the need for patience. Lol. I love the post and the honesty. Cheers!

  2. This is so me. Ive tried DIYs and plenty of tutorials and I still suck at it. Some people just don’t have that ability I guess. Welcome to the club!

  3. Loved your honesty and your great sense of humor about DIY projects! I am a little crafty, but sometimes I do contemplate why craft, when (like you said) it costs twice as much as it would if I bought it on Etsy and takes a lot of time? Enjoyed your post!

  4. This is so funny and so relate-able! I am the girl who finds awesome DiY projects on Pinterest and then I find someone who can do it for me! (DIFM- haha, that should be a thing) I’m glad I’m not alone here!

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